Giving Grin-ola its 'Grin'

We helped Jordans Cereals launch a new product for children by bringing some fun to breakfast time.

The Problem

Jordans Cereals had developed a new granola cereal product for the childrens market. But how do you get children and parents to make healthier choices at the breakfast table? In a crowded market it's difficult to stand out. The brief was to make breakfast fun and encourage brand engagement.

The Solution

With a little bit of help from the Grin-ola Gang - Fletch, Spike, Olive, Izzy and Pip - we created an interactive 'Grin-ola Hub' on the Jordans website. A place where children could go to find out more about the product, the characters, undertake mini-missions and uncover fun Grin-owledge facts about the the gang and the woodland environment they live in. They could even take a character quiz to see which of the gang they were most like!